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The right underwear for you.

Order high-quality lingerie for women in the Passion Intimates shop

A touch of black lace in the form of a bra and matching panties or the elegant corsage under the tight-fitting dress: women who value quality in life leave nothing to chance when it comes to underwear. As a matter of course, self-confident women also choose their underwear to match dresses, blouses and skirts. This can be for everyday life or for a very special day like the wedding. In our shop you will find a wide range of high-quality lingerie for every taste and requirement. Our models not only look unique, they are also wonderful to wear and impress with their perfect fit.

Sexy underwear for every day or for a special occasion

If the underwear that is worn during the day in the office or in training is sexy enough, this represents a wonderful secret for many women. Nobody but her knows what sexy underwear she wears underneath during the day. The romantic evening with your loved one is a wonderful opportunity for many women to show off their sexy underwear and reveal the sweet secret. You too are guaranteed to surprise your loved one with sexy lingerie. Which piece it should be, of course, also depends on the wearing habits. By the way, every woman in sexy underwear is irresistibly beautiful.

The hot topic of lingerie and what is behind the term

When it comes to lingerie, many people first think of lace bras and thongs. Today’s lingerie has a lot more to offer and thus also provides a lot of variety for the underwear. In our shop we offer you beautiful lingerie in the form of perfectly coordinated sexy sets, dreamy babydolls & negligees, attractive bodies & catsuits and much more. Just choose what suits your taste and fires your imagination.

Exceptional tights for high demands

What you are guaranteed not to find with us are stockings off the shelf. We have a unique selection of elegant tights with fine lace, stay-up stockings with a seam and a wide lace edge and fishnet stockings ready for you. The beautiful lingerie shapes your legs and makes them look longer at the same time. Many models even have a reinforced toe and heel. Getting dressed will definitely become an erotic temptation for you: feel how the fine nylon fabric slowly slides over your feet and legs until you reach the end of the stockings. Smooth out the fine nylon material and enjoy the elegant feel on the leg. You can also find Dreamgirl’s unique garters in this section.

Body: wonderfully shaping and yet seductive

A body simply forms a great figure. In our shop you will find beautiful lingerie that perfectly emphasizes your bust and bottom. Our fantastically beautiful bodies and catsuites show more or less your delicate skin. Choose a delicate top model in black or red, order a body with sophisticated lacing from Obsessive Lingerie or decide on a model with seductive bras. You can also order your new body in a playful version with small ruffles.

Seduce with suspenders

They are the epitome of female seduction: suspenders. Incidentally, the high-quality models were created as the forerunners of today’s tights at the beginning of the 20th century and none other than Marlene Dietrich made them world-famous as an erotic piece of clothing. In recent years, many women have rediscovered the seductive charm of suspenders and even wear stockings in everyday life. Even getting dressed in the morning is a wonderful experience, when your fingers are allowed to close the small hooks on the stocking after you have slipped on the noble nylon stockings. In the categories stockings and stockings/ garter belts we offer you many different models with or without lace.

Corsets: noble, extraordinary and erotic

Corsages have been known for centuries as a fashionable variant of women’s underwear, although we actually owe their emergence to the bodice. Just like the bodice, corsages have a reinforced middle part that mainly shapes the middle of the body. In contrast to earlier models, today’s corsages are much more comfortable to wear, although fine lace still plays an important role today. We have beautiful corsages from the Chilirose label, among others.

Bodystocking: Models in many great variations

We offer you fantastically beautiful models in the Bodystocking category. From the erotic mini dress to the striking full body suit, you will find everything your heart desires in this category. Choose the model or models, for example from the Obsessive label, in the Passion Intimates shop and enjoy the extraordinarily seductive look and the great wearing comfort.

Passion Intimates – shop the perfect lingerie for you today. Lingerie and lingerie with passion – fantastically beautiful – buy here

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